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Emmanuel Salivaras
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Emmanuel Salivaras, owner and founder of Multichrom.lab, is one of the most experienced and skilled analysts in the industry of quality control and sensory evaluation of olive oil. He studied Food Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki and then at the Agricultural Faculty of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. From the same University he also holds a graduate degree (M.Sc) in Food Science and Applied Microbiology.


Since1993 he is successfully working in the field of laboratory analyses and sensory evaluation of olive oil, building a reputation as one of the most reliable and experienced professionals in this field. He has participated in many educational seminars for quality control equipment of food and fats. He has written scientific articles on olive oil chemistry and contributed a chapter on olive oil sensory evaluation in “Functional properties of olives and olive oil” (Wiley Blackwell, 2017).


The panel leader of the Multichrom accredited panel, he also delivers seminars on olive oil production technology, chemistry and sensory technique and has served as panel leader or judge in numerous  olive oil competitions in Greece and abroad. Previously the panel leader of the London IOOC, he is currently the technical director of the Berlin International Olive Oil Competition and the Athens Olives and Olive Oil Festival.

Dimitrios Salivaras
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Dimitrios Salivaras, co-owner of Multichrom.lab holds a degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition from the Aegean University of Greece.


He has been trained in sensory evaluation of olive oil in technical and theoretical courses in Greece, Italy, and in Spain and in 2016 completed the 4-month advanced course ‘’Titulo De Experto En Cata De Aceites De Oliva Virgenes’’(Expert in Tasting Virgin Olive Oils) at the University of Jaen in Spain on an IOC grant.

He has also completed the ‘’International Master for EVOO Taster and Olive Expert’’ by O’live Italy and the ‘’Technical Course for Aspiring Olive Oil Tasters’’ - 2014, by O.N.A.O.O. Imperia, Italy. He has also participated in seminars regarding agricultural technical production procedures.


The quality assurance manager of Multichrom and deputy panel leader of its accredited panel, he has served on the panel of the London International Olive Oil Competition’’ between 2016 and 2019. Since 2020 he is a member of the judging panel of Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards.

In 2017, he became panel leader of organoleptic assessment teams after completing IOC relevant seminar in Izmir, (Turkey) again under an IOC grant.

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